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2021 HIMSS Changemaker In Health Awards Awardee:
Dr. Sue Feldman!


We are pleased and proud to announce that Dr. Sue Feldman, UAB's program director of the graduate programs in health informatics, is one of only 11 annual awardees of the national HIMSS Changemaker in Health Awards.  This award is reserved for professionals challenging "the status quo" using health IT and is given based on public voting.  With the historic pandemic of 2020, Sue is being recognized for her work in leading the development of Map it, Zap it and GuideSafe for COVID-19 symptom monitoring and exposure notification. Map it, Zap it (https://www.helpbeatcovid19.org/) coronavirus symptom tracker is adopted by nearly 100,000 community users. This site led to an Alabama statewide development initiative, supported by Governor Kay Ivey, known as GuideSafe (https://www.guidesafe.org/). Led by Dr. Feldman, the development of GuideSafe resulted in the delivery of on-going COVID-19 symptom monitoring through Healthcheck (https://www.guidesafe.org/healthcheck-app/#), Event Passport (https://www.guidesafe.org/event-passport/), a statewide exposure notification system (ENS) (https://www.guidesafe.org/app), and most recently, a worldwide vaccination dashboard (https://vax.uab.edu). GuideSafe’s Healthcheck app has become a statewide tool for organizations to help determine the need for testing and/or quarantine.  In short, Healthcheck was instrumental in many schools being able to have people on campus in the fall of 2020, and stay open beyond fall 2020.

Healthcheck currently has over 250,000 daily users across the state of Alabama and in other states, such as Arizona, boasting an excellent daily use compliance rate.  The technology was first implemented at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) academic and hospital system for use by all students and employees to decrease exposure to COVID through daily symptom monitoring and smartphone technology.  Additionally, the app maintains strong sensitivity to privacy since the user controls all data and the app does not collect such PHI as name, address, date of birth, contact information, or location.

Additionally, Event Passport facilitates access to meetings, events and facilities of 10 or more individuals by using Healthcheck information and a proprietary risk algorithm.  Insuring compliance with all reporting requirements, each user receives a unique passport identifier indicating their status for an upcoming event.  This capability will be crucial in 2021 as we work towards more onsite, face-to-face community interactions.  Event Passport can help manage public exposure safely and reassure individuals that attendees have been screened.


GuideSafe’s ENS  technology is impacting change in a post-pandemic world.  As of the first week in February, the app had over 220,000 downloads across the state of Alabama.  It was responsible for more than 1,100 verified positive test reports, leading to individual exposure notification likely quicker than through normal channels used by the state health department.  Talk about being a change-maker!  Dr. Feldman’s leadership is saving lives and helping to keep Alabama open and students in classrooms.


Dr. Feldman’s efforts with GuideSafe has further led to a partnership with the PathCheck Foundation out of MIT (https://bit.ly/3cWAWae) and the release of a global vaccination dashboard that was launched on Monday, February 8, 2021 at http://vax.uab.edu.


GuideSafe news releases are available at https://www.guidesafe.org/media/newsroom/


Another big congratulations to Dr. Feldman, well-deserved! Check out HIMSS's announcement here.



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