Webinar - Data Literacy

December 13, 12:00pm, CST - 1:00pm, CST

 Wednesday, December 13th 12:00 - 1:00pm
via WebEx  |  415-655-0001 code 19065761


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Health Literacy is a huge topic these days. The impact on patients is huge if they understand more and take ownership. Yet Healthcare is dramatically behind other industries in terms of Data Literacy. We are abundantly data rich and yet information poor. This session will take a humorous, yet thought provoking look at how we can change that.   During this session, attendees will:  
- Discuss why we are still stranded in the Reporting Cycle of Doom
- Explore how to break out of the Reporting Cycle of Doom
- Evaluate why Data Literacy is so important
- Assess Self Service Analytics is such a horrible idea