Student Merit Scholarships

The Alabama Chapter of HIMSS is pleased to announce that a maximum of 4 merit scholarships of up to $1,250 each are available for 2020. These scholarships are awarded to students of healthcare informatics/technology who are HIMSS members and who exhibit excellence, actively engage in supporting chapter activities, and demonstrate leadership potential. Deadline for entry is March 15 30th, 2020Download the scholarship application form here.

See application form for full details & contact info. 

In light of the recent disruption to school campuses and instruction that COVID-19 has caused, we are extending the deadline of the AL HIMSS scholarship to March 30th. For those of you having to pack up your dorms and move, transition to online instruction, manage the trio of closed schools, closed daycare, and increased work demands of healthcare workers, we hope that this extension gives you some much needed time to submit your application.

We look forward to seeing your application. For those who have submitted, THANK YOU!

To all….Be safe and most importantly, stay healthy.


2020 Student Liaison:  Heather Martin


Alabama HIMSS welcomes and encourages student involvement in our chapter.  Please contact us for volunteer opportunities. 

The Alabama Chapter of HIMSS also awards annual scholarships to Health Informatics students who are active participants in our chapter - subscribe to our email list to stay up-to-date on chapter news, events, and offerings, including scholarship announcements!


HIMSS Student Memberships

Organizational Affiliate membership

Some schools are Organizational Affiliate members of HIMSS and provide their students with a free HIMSS student membership - to see if your school participates, click here.  As of December 2019, UAB is an OA. If your school does offer complimentary OA membership to HIMSS, click here for detailed sign-up instructions.  Note: These instructions are specific to OA membership, not the individual student membership below. 

Individual Student membership   View eligibility requirements and join here


2019 Alabama Chapter of HIMSS Scholarship Winners

At the Spring Conference on April 24th, 2019, the Alabama Chapter of HIMSS recognized the student scholarship winners in attendance, from L to R:  Brody Williamson, Mary Place, Heather Martin, and Candis Riggs.