H-ISAC Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop

April 25, 8:00am, CDT - 11:00am, CDT

The Dowdle Center at Huntsville Hospital

109 Governors Dr SE

Huntsville, AL 35801


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Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop

Before you head back after the AL HIMSS Spring Conference, stay in Huntsville just a little longer for the H-ISAC Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop!   It will also be held in the same location at Huntsville Hospital, and registration is free. 

* This is an H-ISAC event, not an Alabama Chapter of HIMSS event.

This high-level overview of various cyber threats facing healthcare such as Ransomware, Phishing, DDoS and others, shows their potential impacts to healthcare organizations. This workshop will include threat actors and motivations for attacks with examples of tactics, techniques and procedure with mitigations and response.

Business E-mail Compromise

Per the FBI, the costliest form of cybercrime stems from a complex type of fraud kown as the "Business Email Compromise" or BEC scam. Participants will learn social engineering tactics and techniques used to attack organizations with BEC, and some ways to help prevent succumbing to these scams.

Importance of Information Sharing

This overview shows how organizations share with stakeholders and the role of information sharing in helping protect healthcare organizations from potential threats, its importance and the timeline of improvements.

Facilitated Discussion Exercise (Incident Response)

Ransomware such as "SamSam" continued to attack organizations with over 25% of all attacks directed at healthcare. This engaging interactive discussion exercise explores best practices in response to a ransomware attack with cross functional players; C-Suite and IT staff.