Webinar "Bursting the Bubble – Meet 4 Healthcare Disrupters"

February 27, 11:30am, CST - 12:30pm, CST


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Welcome to 2020!  Much has changed in healthcare, but much remains the same.  Electronic health records are everywhere, but data doesn’t move from system to system.  Patient populations are managed, but we still struggle to engage patients as active participants in their own health.  Health plans still have the same claims processes.  Patients are still handed clipboards when they go to the doctor.  But what if Walmart gets into the insurance and provider business, offering low-cost coverage and services akin to a mini-hospital at any store in the country?  What would it mean to pharmacies and wellness providers if Amazon creates a closed loop system of virtual care using Alexa, PillPack, and Whole Foods?  What if Google leverages its enormity of data with artificial intelligence and machine learning to target interventions, engagement and costs; extracting even more data from provider voices while eliminating the burden of note-taking and paperwork? Or, if Apple uses its consumer-facing technologies, such as the Apple watch, as building block to a new consumer ecosystem?  Join us for this exploratory session on some of our industry giants that are poised to lead disruption of healthcare and business as we know it.

PRESENTER: Adele Allison

Company Title:  Sr. Director of Economics and Digital Health Strategy                     

Company: SS&C | DST Health Solutions, LLC

AL HIMSS Title:  President Alabama Chapter of HIMSS                    

Email:    amallison@dsthealthsolutions.com          

Target Audience: Operations, Financial Mgmt., Organizational Governance, IT, Marketing, Leadership and Management, Physician and Non-Physician Providers, Personal and Professional Development

Core Competencies:  Operations, Financial Management, Leadership, Healthcare Innovation

Format:  PowerPoint

Objectives: By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe the concept of market disruption in healthcare.
  2. Identify potential disruption on the horizon by Walmart, Amazon, Google and Apple.
  3. Attain higher creativity in practice management and marketing.

Time Allowance:  60 minutes





Adele Allison

As the senior director of economics and digital health strategy, Adele Allison monitors healthcare economics, data interoperability and digital health for SS&C Health as a legislative/regulatory subject matter expert.  Having served as the co-chair of the HHS ONC Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group, Adele currently serves on the HHS WEDI board of directors and is co-chair for the WEDI Payment Models Workgroup.  Adele has nearly 30 years of healthcare experience and is an active participant with HHS’ HCPLAN.  A published author, Adele is a member of UAB’s health informatics advisory board on curriculum development and served on UAB’s HITECH Committee for health IT curriculum development; and, is president of Alabama HIMSS.